Difference between Big data. Machine Learning & AI (for non-tech people)

July 23 2018 - 2.5 min read
Nadav Raviv

Imagine you have a car. And you drive ןא every day (except for eekends) to work and back home. Work home. Work home. 

Now imagine that every action that happens by you in the car... Is measured In a little black box (like on an airplane, Yes!). From signaling when you change lane, to the wheel movement when you're taking a turn. Every action is stored on the car database. 

Big data is the amount of data in the box. It's call Big data because the amount of data is massive! Imagine how much data is in one minute of your drive!

Now all the data is stored, computers are so smart these days that they can find patterns on that massive data. This is called machine learning (ML) because the machine finds out patterns on the massive amount of data, like this pattern of yours: Every time you turn the engine off with your car key, the next thing you're doing is open the car door (nearest to the driver seat). 

You actually do it twice a day: When you're reaching the office and when you're reaching home. (or more if you do grocery shopping on the way or driving to see a movie/concert) - so the machine (your car) learned that this is your pattern (of behaviour)

AI is when the machine do this for you. After acknowledging your behaviour, the machine reacts when you switch off the engine in your car... By opening the door for you. This is action that is based by your pattern. Actionable Intelligence.

So now that you understand the difference, you can see the digital evolution here from grabbing data, learn from it and make actionable benefits from it. 

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