When 2 Israeli Startups “exit” in 1 week. Is it a sign?

Aug 5 2018 - 2.5 min read
Nadav Raviv

2 Israeli companies got acquired in 1 week: PayU acquired Zooz (July 23, 2018) & Salesforce acquired Datorama (JULY 16, 2018). We can relate those two success stories to one cause to show us where are things moving towards:

Zooz is a smart payment platform. If you used Gett (Taxi) app, then you used Zooz. Zooz provides an API to merchants that lets them accept a variety of payment options depending on the market. Datorama (with 3K clients, including PepsiCo, Ticketmaster, Trivago, Unilever and Foursquare) helps brands consolidate information by having “1 Platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions. Datorama’s AI-powered marketing intelligence puts you in control to connect your data, report across channels and campaigns, and surface the right insights instantly. You can now make smarter decisions at the speed of your customer”.

The mutual trend here is that enterprises want to convert more from their assets. They are looking for a way to get real time insights and actionable results on the market spending habits (datorama) or user spendings (Zooz). These two startups measure this for the enterprises and UPGRADE the value in real time, every time the user spends.

Gartner L2 (Scott Galloway) described the success formula of the big FOUR (Apple, Google, Facebook & Amazon) is this: “Every time you use (name a brand here), Their Algorithm gets better.” So Datorama & Zooz are the tools brands use today to reach a high level of “Machine Learning”.

Now THAT is what enterprises should be looking for more often! Enterprises should look for tools that UPGRADE the current stream of data/money/pixels/users to better the product/UX/results. “If my ROI gets better, I can improve the price of my stock/product/service”.

So how can this happen? Links need to be smarter. What if you had a link that changed the landing page based on your clients spending habits? Or send a customer directly to a specific page, but another client to another page - based on their habits? No more generic links. No need of a menu when the link understand your customer and acts upon it. Yes, that is possible.

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