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What "Love Island" can teach Entrepreneurs (& Investors) 
Aug 3 2018 - 4.5 min read
Nadav Raviv


When entrepreneurs courtship investors while investors are playing hard to get (for a hood reasons) why not learn from the last Live Island season - what worked and what didn't. And mirror that to the startups world. Outside the Villa.

Dani & Jack - Love at first sight.

Let's start with the bottom line. The couple that won the 1st prize was the couple that matched up from 1st sight. Both sides follow their gut feeling “and went for it”. And won. Dan & Jack matched from episode 1 and won #1. So our first lesson for Investors: follow your gut feeling and act. (this lesson worked also for Kaz! She matched To Josh from the 1st sight and it payed off!)

In today's reality where average investor sees hundreds decks a year (with 660K new companies get established every year!), the gut feeling is often to say no. But when it says yes… Go for it! Do continue to invest in the relationship. And this goes to entrepreneurs too. D&J showed passion and effort to fuel their love in any situation.


When your a player, zapping between option and got “trust issues” and don't lay all your eggs in one basket… You loose. In love island trust is very important and without trust you can find yourself being called “the snake” behind your back. Even if you find your match (on round C) and you keep on “playing”, you lose credit. Lesson to entrepreneur: Investors talk to each other. Don't be an hustler. You will lose. Again and again and again and again.


When life gives you opportunity after opportunity after opportunity and you do not taking any of it… You are losing the must. See Samira which didn't couples again and again and she was the only Live Island member that voluntarily left the villa! Lesson for investors: “no one moved forward by standing still”

Wes & Georgia

Recoupling can leave you heartbroken. But what you do afterwards it's what counts. Wes & Georgia stayed loyal while their partner chose to recouple but look how Wes choose to keep on courtship Meg until they matched and found true love while lady G “I'm loyal bab”chose to emphasise herself and didn't saw that love needs two to tango. Notice “I'm loyal” has the “I” before the loyal. In love, don't see yourself and than the other side. In love you're both in the same side. So fight for your love. Don't fight at your love.

Lesson for entrepreneur: rejection in early stage isn't over yet if you show traction and caring for the other side (for example, listen to investors feedback and act upon it. Don't “I know better than you” attitude)


Regret is human. After recoupling and leaving Wes all alone you can find yourself in later stage understand you were wrong and correct the mistake. And win true love and a place in Love Island Final! Lesson to investors here is that you can say yes to entrepreneurs you said no to. Its human. Better to shareholders than to hold grudge :-)


“You wasted your time. And you wasted mine. Shame on you.” after Dr Alex played with her heart just to stay in the game. Sometimes entrepreneurs coming out of DD with investors with the same feel. Even YC Sam Altman wrote about the “fake work” both investors & entrepreneurs waste in pointless meetings & emails back and forth. See the signals in the beginning. Don't estate to act upon it. It will save time (&pain!) to all sides.


The most serial heartbroken heart in the Villa was Laura that won “people hearts” and reached the top of the game, as the views witness her heart Get broken again and again. A great entrepreneur is measures by his/hers resistance to stay strong and optimist and keep in trying to find love even if you see your past partner with his new love in front of you. Entrepreneurs see this when others get investment or being enquired… And you don't. But you keep on fighting and just as Laura, you win in the end. From her fella to her status as “Love Island meet the survival”. (BTW Caroline Flack had the same thing with her private life, breaking her engagement, but she kept going and showed us that she's one tough cookie we all learn from! Wait… They’re back!)

Dr Alex.

When you aim to the wrong goals. Alex kept flirting with the ladies that just didn't want him and when someone did.. He didn't.  

Sometimes entrepreneurs courtship the wrong investors. Read the signs. Test or watch or listen before you act. It will save you pain.


What did you took to your professional world from Love Island? Do share. I just did :-)

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