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Our IG success formula

  1. Your followers see (on their feed) your recent post.
  2. Nobody clicks "link in bio" because of the effort afterwards.
  3. Wouldn't it be better... If the link in bio takes you straight to where you want? Like an Uber!
  4. OMG, users love it and they do it again & again!

Solving the "link in bio" problem

When brands try to get site visits from organic post, Followers do not click "link in bio" as they know the effort afterwards... searching for the item you've just saw on your feed, getting lost trying to find it... 40% drop off on every extra click - so why bother? so nobody bothers. You can see brands with millions of followers "enjoy" 200 site visits per month from Instagram. Link Big started the smart link Journey on Instagram, helping retailers (from Small Etsy sellers to Big global brands) to create the seamless journey from organic post to item's page - in one tap on the bio link! Getting users straight to the item they just saw a sec ago!

Easy for consumers

Just like Uber that takes you straight to where you wanted, The magical bio link takes you straight to the item page... so you "IG shopping" again & again! Link Big clients saw traffic boost from IG to their site, 2X-5X in 1 month! No surprize, as users do not need to login or register or download any other app, just one click - and you're there. What could be better than that?

Easy for clients

With 30 second to setup, without any IT needed, Link Big clients enjoy see the magic works on their own IG and see the impact in the next few days: After 1 week, they saw results like never before and got monthly report (yes, we saved you ANOTHER dashboard... don't you have enough?). Seeing growth month after month (for John Lewis, Link Big made 26% growth MoM)

Sync to all top platforms

Works with top global languages


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