Welcome your users. In their own Languages.


English ISN'T the #1 language in the world. yours is.

We live in a diversity society. everywhere we go. in any country. in any city. So why not make your site visitors feel at home, when the site acts as their own? in their own mother tongue. 

1. Click the link (down here)
2. Our link will find out which language you'll feel comfortable with.
3. Redirect you straight to the relevant page (Demo on Johnson & Johnson global sites)

Be 100% secure that your AUDIENCE will 100% understand you

It's important for you to get your message across. if it's your service or your payment instructions.  Now you can feel safe this will work best, redirecting your site visitors to what's fit to them!

Less bounce rate. Higher in Google pagerank!

When you get your site visitors to a place they feel at home. they don't leave as quickly as before, getting you lower bounce rate and higher Google pagerank as a result! Everybody wins!