Save Friction on Instagram. on customer service. on newsletters. It's about time the mobile web will challenge the mobile app and bring the same level of getting you to the relevant content - in one tap.

Save Friction
on search



Rapi.Do = Swipe between your search results

Why choose between textual links, when you can swipe
between visual results - NOW works in any language!


It definitely saves you time in all ways possible.
Rapi.Do is the no-nonsense app that does.

If you need some straightforward, to-the-point search results- done in a rapid manner too- you don’t have to look much further than the Rapi.Do app.
There is no need to sign up with Facebook or an email account, you just get on with it. Without difficulty, just type in your search, wait a little for your results to load, and lastly, swipe between your results.

Search engine for impatients

Now taking part at the bootstrap track
FbStart, "Facebook for Startups" Program