Tap into your future job.

Getting you... to what's relevant to you

In 2020... You will click a link that reads you skills and redirect you to job offers that's relevant to you. So why wait for 2020, when you can enjoy it now? 

1. Click the link (down here)
2. LinkedIn popup will ask for your approval (to secure you that were not storing your personal data as we're GDPR compliant) 
3. Redirect you straight to the job offer(s) that fits to you!

Saving you the search

With 40% drop off on every extra click. Link Big smartlink saves you the hundreds of your site visitors that don't have the patience or the time (or both) to search on your job offers, and they leave. Shame.

Saving unemployment

Imagine a collage drop off looking for a job. This seamless experience will match him/her to the relevant offer faster and save the waste of non-relevant job application that hold up the right candidate getting the job!