7 Intelligent solutions.

Tailor made for your business needs.

We are just like a web cookie, without any cookie!


Seamless Instagram

By adding our smart bio link to their profile on Instagram, brands gain 3x-10x organic traffic boost by making their feed “clickable”!



By making link smarter thanks to "Facebook connect" and our real time data analysis, users reach the relevant content they are looking for - in just a click.

Better Customer Service

Add a smart widget (“reading” user’s location in real time),  to deliver a friction-less experience, fast & easy - just like contact-less.



Making your mobile visitors being redirected to the relevant section - without any friction of menu/typing.

“Read” Users’
Spend Data

Knowing your users spending to provide them with the relevant offer/deals/promotion in just A click

Exclusive Link

Login in 1 tap with our smart “VIP link”
that ID the user and let him/her
gets inside a “secret” site section.


Temporary URL

Make any link temp, with our FREE "make your own link temp" tool - right here!